VineOnline is a blog dedicated to reporting the latest news and events from ChinaVine team members
  • On Transmedia Communications between the United States and China November 7, 2011
    A dilemma the ChinaVine project faces involves effectively communicating digital transmedia storytelling across international regions. In the particular instance of communication between China and the United States, uploading videos to Vimeo is not the best solution because Chinese learners can not always access the content. The reason for limitated access t […]
  • Vine Online November 7, 2011
    Vine Online is a branch of ChinaVine dedicated to reporting the latest news and events from ChinaVine team members. While the new iteration of ChinaVine.org is nearing its final stages of testing, keep an eye on Vine Online for the latest ChinaVine updates.  […]
  • Digital Bridges to Connect Continents November 7, 2011
      This post originally appeared at VineOnline by Jonathan Lederman on May 5th, 2011.  Bright, glowing digital displays illuminate the millions of eyes across the world everyday. These are the eyes of the next generation – a generation which will see unprecedented ease and immediacy of communication. In this case, they are viewing interconnected networks for […]

ChinaVine in the Press

Check out a recent article published by Central Florida Future on ChinaVine as an on-going interactive website project: University-Partnered Site Introduces Chinese Culture to Thousands

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