Progress Report #2

Before I begin the process of customizing my WordPress, it is important to understand what type of style and look I am hoping to achieve. I’ve spent some time exploring the web for a few sites that will serve as inspiration and give me direction as I begin my work.

Rockstar Diaries – I really love the unique, predominant buttons on the left of the site. However, I don’t particularly love how big the header area of the blog is. I think it takes up too much space on the screen.

My Happy Little Life – I like the polaroid photographs on the left of the page and how they serve as navigation tools for the site. However, I think the photos would be better displayed across the screen in a horizontal formation. Overall, I like the simplistic and clean look of this blog. It is stylish while not being overwhelming.

The Garage – I specifically like how this blog utilizes the entire screen. While it is more simplistic than I would like to be in my design choices, I think this blog serves as a great example of the type of layout I would like to set up for my site.

As I begin working on my site, I will continue to search for blogs and websites that can help me throughout the design process.



Projects Proposal

ThisĀ document outlines my general plans for this course and includes the timeline in which my goals are to be accomplished.

Progress Report #1

In class this evening, we turned our proposals into Eric and discussed the initial steps we need to take in creating our customized WordPress sites. I have now signed up for my own WordPress site. Additionally, we discussed the importance of downloading Firebug, a tool that makes editing one’s website an easier process. Firebug lets you clearly view which part of the code is connected to various design elements. Thus, making edits to one’s site is much easier using this tool. I plan to explore this resource further and install it on my lap top. Note: Firefox is required in order to download this program.

Eric also brought some WordPress resource books to class which he is allowing us to borrow. These books will be helpful, specifically as we try to choose a theme we’d like to customize. Lastly, Eric’s Digo list is full of great resources/tutorials related to website design and WordPress customization. These helpful resources should be referred to throughout the course.

Learning Objectives

Upon reflecting on the course syllabus and the direction of this course, I was able to formulate my personal learning objectives.

- Since I have no experience in the realm of arts education, I would like to come away from this course with a solid understanding of the historical context of arts education and its development in the United States over the years.

- I hope to conclude this course with an understanding of the various types of arts education programs (in school, out-of-school programs, etc).

-As a future arts administrators, it is important to understand what kind of staff support and organizational efforts are needed to execute a successful arts education program. I would like to develop a solid understanding of the type of investment that is required of an organization when they choose to include arts education into their programming.

-From the readings thus far in the course, it is clear that the support and work of many entities is necessary in order to see an arts education program into fruition. I would like to explore this concept further and come to understand the types of people and institutions necessary in this process.

-Throughout this course, I would like to pay special attention the idea of “best practices” in the area of arts education. What types of steps and planning are helpful in forming a strong and meaningful arts education program in a given community?

-With the knowledge I gain in this course, I would like to be able to examine existing arts education programs (specifically those relating to literary arts organizations) and critically reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.