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Practicum with Oregon Folklife Network

Winter 2013

Digital Storytelling on Rural Arts & Culture Map

Practicum Host Site: Oregon Folklife Network

The inspiration behind this practicum arises from the Fall 2012 launch of the Rural Arts and Culture Map and the significant absence of postings in Oregon and the larger Pacific NW area. A more populated Rural Arts and Culture Map will contribute to the National Year of the Rural Arts in 2014.

Students will be a part of a cross‐campus partnership between the Arts Administration Program, the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy (CCACP), and the Oregon Folklife Network (OFN); and includes regional and national partners such as the Oregon Arts Commission, the Art of the Rural and the Rural Arts and Culture Map project.


  • A primary goal of this practicum is to place arts and culture activities, projects, and communities on the map for Oregon, largely in partnership with the Oregon Folklife Network (OFN).
  • Another primary goal is to have students actively engage the RACM platform (PlaceStories.com), gaining hands-on experience with the use of this digital tool and reflecting on the potential it holds for arts and culture work.
  • A third primary goal is to assist the Oregon Folklife Network and its constitutive partners in documenting and promoting the variety of artists, programs, and communities it serves across the state of Oregon.
  • A final goal for students is to quickly document your process through blog post type reflections (1-2 paragraphs) about what you do each week and how you’ve accomplished your tasks. A combined document of all weekly reflections will be due at the end of week 10.

The Rural Arts and Culture Map is a space for collaboration, conversation, a platform where individuals from across the country (and the world) can share their artistic and cultural life. Unlike many other digital mapping projects, there are no gatekeepers here. This Map is generously hosted by PlaceStories, a platform designed by Feral Arts; these artists are led by a mission to create a space for inclusive and boundary‐crossing storytelling. Our mission, and its outreach and interdisciplinary collaboration, is further coordinated and advised by Appalshop and the M12 art collective.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Week 9

Week 10

Final Reflection

Posts to Rural Arts & Culture Map 

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